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Airbnb and Commercial Cleaners

We use a range of specialised equipment, effective cleaning agents and years of experience to clean rental and commercial properties to the highest possible standards.

The Complete Commercial Cleaning Service

At BnBclean, we believe that the best rental properties are those that are clean and hygienic. That’s why we have developed an approach to BnB cleaning services that leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of cleanliness.

Whether our trained and experienced professionals are cleaning a BnB or a commercial property, they take a systematic approach that includes:

  • Customised cleaning schedules
  • Comprehensive cleaning checklists
  • A room-by-room approach
  • Ethical rubbish removal and recycling
  • Restocking services that include replacement toilet rolls, refuse bags and basic refreshments


While we can create a customized cleaning service for your properties, our core services include:

Bathroom Cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

General Cleaning

If you need us to restock your property during our scheduled cleaning visits, we can replenish toilet rolls, refuse bags, tea & coffee and dishwasher tablets based on your inventory requirements.

For professional commercial cleaning in East Lothian, Edinburgh or Glasgow, call us today on 0800 634 8389.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Cleaning Services

We take pride in delivering rental property cleaning services of the highest quality. All our cleaning professionals are employed directly, which allows us to maintain full control over quality and customer service levels.

When you hire an Airbnb cleaner from BnBclean, you’re guaranteed:

Attention to Detail

We have developed a systematic approach to Airbnb cleaning services that guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of every room and surface.

Specialised Equipment

We utilize a range of leading technologies to ensure our commercial cleaning services in Edinburgh and Central Scotland deliver industry-leading results.

Years of Experience

We have perfected an effective approach to cleaning over many years. And because we only hire experienced BnB cleaning professionals, we can deliver consistent results.

Customized Services

We can create a customised Airbnb cleaning service based on your priorities and the needs of your property.

Who We Help

Our Airbnb and rental property cleaners create and deliver bespoke cleaning solutions based on the needs of clients in a range of sectors. Our primary services are designed to help:

Our commercial cleaning services are perfect if you would rather leave essential cleaning duties to experienced professionals. We will access your property at agreed times and perform our duties on time and according to your exact specifications.

To find out more about our commercial cleaning services in Central Scotland, or to request a clean, call us today on 0800 634 8389.