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Linen and Laundry Services

Hotel-standard linen for private property rentals, Airbnb homes and bed & breakfasts.

Laundry Services for Airbnbs and BnBs in Edinburgh

Need a reliable and professional laundry service in Edinburgh for your Airbnb property or bed and breakfast? You’ve come to the right place. As well as offering a range of commercial cleaning and property management services, we also provide efficient and affordable laundry management options.

  • Bed linen and related items
  • Linen stock management
  • Kitchen linen and related items (tea towels, etc.)
  • Bedroom accessory linen
  • Professionally pressed linens

We offer a hotel-style linen service for bed and breakfasts, Airbnbs, rental properties and commercial customers. Leave everything to us — safe in the knowledge that your renters will receive crisp and immaculate linen during their stay.

Linen Supply Solutions for Private Rental Homes

If you want to maximise occupancy rates in your Airbnb, rental property or bed and breakfast, simply paying for a laundry service may not be enough. For ongoing linen supply solutions that deliver reliability, speedy swaps and premium quality, BnBclean has got you covered.

Leave the hard work of linen management to us, and your guests will always enjoy pristine sheets, plump, fluffy towels and high-quality linen accessories.

Whether you need a one-off laundry service or a long-term arrangement for everyday linen management, call us today on 0800 634 8389 to find out more.

Why Choose Us for Linen and Laundry Services

Fresh, clean linen is a huge factor in an Airbnb customer’s experience. Impress your guests with the very best linen, and you may be rewarded with a top rating. At BnBclean, we work hard to ensure our linen enhances the guest experience in every property we manage. Choose us for linen supply solutions, and you’re guaranteed:

  • A reliable, professional service delivered by commercial cleaning experts
  • Expertly pressed items
  • Sheets, bedding, towels and accessories delivered and presented in pristine condition
  • A proactive approach to our laundry service in Edinburgh, Glasgow and East Lothian
  • A bespoke linen and laundry service tailored to your needs
  • Our customer satisfaction guarantee

Book Our Laundry Service in Edinburgh Today

Managing the laundry required in the average Airbnb property — for just a month — is a significant undertaking for professionals like us. For owners, landlords and property managers, it’s a huge distraction that takes time, resources and focus away from more important issues. Call us today on 0800 634 8389 to book our laundry and linen service or find out more about our approach.